Insurance: Removing Risk

There’s a classic saying by Benjamin Franklin that goes “but in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” Yet, we all aspire to have a sense of security by creating certainty. How do we do that? By using Insurance products. Insurance buys us peace of mind. Insurance buys us certainty to a certain extent. Without Insurance, we are exposed to all unpleasant risks in this world.

Due to South Africa’s notoriety for high crime, adequate Insurance cover has become a necessity. It is absolutely essential to protect you and your family with Insurance products that caters for the protection of life and valuables.

Insurance in a nutshell

There are various Insurance products available that include Life Insurance, Household Insurance, Car Insurance, Business Insurance, Building Insurance, Portable Possessions Insurance, Medical Aid (or Health Insurance), Funeral Insurance, Off-Road Vehicle Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Caravan (or Trailer) Insurance and Specie Insurance.

Car Insurance

Whether you consider a car as a fundamental transport medium, an investment dedicated to your good taste or a symbol of your success in life, it’s imperative to obtain Car Insurance cover as car theft in South Africa is at an all-time high.

Life Insurance

Probably one of the most in important Insurance Products is Life Insurance. In this volatile world you cannot afford to take huge risks when it comes to providing for your family’s financial well being should you not be able to do so anymore. Life Insurance can be a lifesaver!

Business Insurance

Perhaps the most liberating way to build a more secure future for you and your family is to establish your own business, thereby protecting yourself from the volatile job market. However there are always the negative pitfalls of running a business. Business Insurance can help protect you against such unnecessary events.

Household Contents Insurance

With South Africa’s staggering crime rate, it’s imperative to protect your home and assets with Household Insurance. There’s nothing more shattering than to discover you’ve been burgled and you have no Household Contents Insurance to protect you!